Book Crawler is your personal portable book database for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device, and now available for your Mac Desktop!  Now avid readers have a simple and dependable tool to catalog and share their favorite book collections in one app!  Book Crawler was designed to provide a real-time solution for the avid reader who requires a powerful and intuitive database for logging, searching, and organizing publications and authors of interest. ISBN barcode scanning, customized search parameters, local library availability queries (powered by WorldCat), book previews/cover art (powered by Google Books), location-aware, and book reviews (powered by Goodreads) make this app a must have for the serious book lover! It’s a great tool for library professionals, teachers, book collectors, and students.

Better Homes and Gardens

Book Crawler featured in March 2014 edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.



Fox News Channel

Check out the Fox News Channel comparison of Book Crawler to other book apps...


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